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Types of Commercial Loans

A Commercial Loan is a type of loan money given to a business entity for expansion or other business purposes. Most banks provide short term as well as long term commercial loans. Some Lenders even offer a renewable loan, where after repaying the balance or an agreed amount, the loan is renewed for yet another period. Such Renewable loan ensures your company of a gentle stream of capital, to fund payroll and meet purchasing requirement.

Lenders look for the creditworthiness of your business before granting a business loan. However there are certain lenders who specialize in granting no credit or bad credit commercial loans . Another important consideration is that the fair market price of your property. The lender will conduct an appraisal to work out whether your property has enough value to ensure the loan.

Commercial Property Purchase

Now the success of a commercial property depends greatly on its location. Things such as availability of transportation, presence of other businesses, and accessibility to customers are very important considerations. A knowledgeable commercial property loans broker can help you with these decisions

Commercial Property Refinance

If you have a large commercial property loan payment coming due and you don’t have the money, your best option is refinancing. On the other hand, if your property has gained enough equity, you may opt for a cash-out. This money can be used to pay for repairs and improvements to your business property.

Self Employed Low Doc Loans

When you work for yourself, your revenue history may be limited or difficult to prove, or perhaps your accountant has not yet prepared your financials? Low-doc and no-doc loans allow self-employed borrowers with limited income verification to obtain financing without having to go through hoops

Loan Calculators

You will need to work out how much you can afford to pay or repay. This will help determine where you can buy, what size building you can afford and give an idea of your monthly repayments. Use our loan repayment calculator before you make your final decision.

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